Welcome to The Greek Yoghurt Company

Offering a wide range of traditionally made Greek yoghurts and gourmet foods.

The Greek Yoghurt Company’s delicious food disappears from the shelf. Our Greek yoghurts are made following traditional straining methods that CREATE a thick CREAMY natural Greek yoghurt. Many competitors try and imitate our delicious Greek yoghurt, but none can match the taste. Try for yourself and see!

Our Greek yoghurt is gluten free, PRESERVATIVE FREE and all natural. We attempt to source all our products locally, because as a family owned business we know how important it is to support the local community.

Based in East Brisbane, we source great produce from all over Queensland and NSW to create our delicious range of Greek yoghurts and gourmet foods.

Visit us at Unit 3 / 220 Beverley Street, Morningside, QLD 4170 for weekly deals from our factory outlet, open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.

You can also find our products all over Queensland and New South Wales in many independent supermarkets, fruit shops, cafes, universities and schools.

Our traditional Greek Yoghurt isn’t made through industrialised processes. We use traditional straining methods to create a creamy and thick Greek yoghurt.

We offer an ever expanding range of delicious gourmet foods, made with only the freshest ingredients, and where possible, with locally sourced produce.

The Greek Yoghurt Company’s delicious range of Greek yoghurt and gourmet food makes a great addition to any store front. Ask about our wholesale prices and watch product fly off your shelves.