People Love Our Greek Yoghurt!

See what a few of our customers have to say about our delicious Greek yoghurt.


I just wanted to drop you a line, and tell you how fantastic I think your yoghurt is. I was looking for some after-lunch snacks to help tide me over (in the Foodworks store in the Fortitude Valley train station) and while heading to the registers saw your yoghurt in the display cabinet.  I bought a tub of the berry mix, and can I just say...... it was amazing. I've only ever had the normal store-bought yoghurts before, and this was such a welcome change.  Thanks for making a wonderful product.


- Matt

Dee Fowkes

I am writing this email because I discovered your yoghurt about six months ago. I CANNOT live without it. I drive half an hour once a week to get two super-sized tubs for the week. I have to fight both my kids for it, because we love it so much. I am currently buying it from the juice bar at runaway bay shopping centre, however I live at Coomera shores, recent times have shown a huge population growth in our surrounding area. Is it possible/or how do we go about shops stocking your product closer to home. Because when I run out, I go through major withdrawals. I was never a yoghurt lover until I tasted your yoghurt and nothing and I mean nothing comes close. I have tried the others, time and time again, when I run out but am constantly disappointed. The major draw factor for me with your yoghurt, apart from the taste, is the fact it is low fat. WELL DONE I LOVE YOUR YOGHURT, TO ME IT IS LIKE A CHOCOHOLICS FIX TO CHOCOLATE.


- Dee Fowkes

Noela Newman

My name is Noela & I had the pleasure of tasting you yoghurt at the Chermside shopping centre about 2 weeks ago & have never tasted any yoghurt like it. I have never eaten yoghurt as I could not stand the taste, but this is different. I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful product, but I have one problem I have to wait until I go to Brisbane to get my new supply. Is it possible to get this beaut product without waiting to go to Bris. I live in Kingaroy but no store up here has you product.

Thanks for your product.

- Noela Newman

Jenefer Smith

I'm from Brisbane but I'm currently living in London. I used to buy your greek yoghurt at least 3 times a week from Zone Fresh at Wilston. Is there anywhere over here where it can be purchased? I have tried so many yoghurts over here but nothing comes close!


- Jenefer Smith